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manifesto (n.)

obvious facts, palpable things,” “public declaration explaining reasons or motives for a course of actions done or planned, or a “public declaration explaining past actions and announcing the motive for forthcoming ones, originally proof,” from Latin manifestus plainly apprehensible, clear, apparent, evident” (see manifest (adj.)


This is the WoManifesto for A Crazy Little Thing Called Law.

We are constantly focused on communicating through the realistic energy present to find the best in it: to require that each individual & collective of individuals carries their own weight however they are able to, in forging benevolent fights toward mutually beneficial solutions.


We respect that emotional intelligence is as important as intellectual intelligence, that we all deserve our human rights to be equal, while human gains that are built with integrity, are equitable, & that we honor our responsibility as individuals to care for our own wellbeing & maintain our boundaries in order to embody our unique roles in our greater society, & in finding worth in healthy service to others.


We believe in therapies that reflect on the self to incite & educate people in their awareness of the immense power in self-accountability, mutual respect, groundedness, thinking for one’s self over a herd mentality, & common sense. We require all people to live by The Golden Rule because we know that the laws of our universe mean that we get the goodness we give & we reap what we sow. We believe in scientific facts, research, study, logic, & that less quantity breeds more quality. We believe in being acutely sensitive to when enough is enough.


We require a better, kinder, more responsible, more needs-met, more educated world in which to exist. We require that power must be relinquished from current owners to balance the scales, & we will not accept less than justice, peace & love as our collective human rulers.

Billie Proffitt, Creator & Host

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