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What does "Justice" mean to you?

Welcome to A Crazy Little Thing Called Law

We are the active true-crime podcast that doesn't fear holding people accountable for their behavior inside our systematically unjust societal structures

by holding space in this platform, sharing the evidence proving, & providing healthy support for,

victims to speak truth to power.


Want to help create problem-solving strategies toward liberty & justice for all?


Check out our A Way Out page for ideas.


Do you need help?

Contact the A Crazy Little Thing Called Law Team

Have you, or has someone you love, been falsely accused or convicted, raped by, or endured other horrors inflicted by governmental or systematic prejudices, corruption, or ineptitude?


We are not attorneys. We do though have immense empathy from first-hand experiences for victims, which is why we hold this platform, & we move in subculture circles where we might be able to introduce you to people who can help in more specific ways.


Please email Billie Proffitt directly for more information.

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