"Good night, & good luck."

“Many paths lead to the same destination, it doesn’t matter how you get there.”


Our intention with A Crazy Little Thing Called Law has always held raising the collective human vibration as our sole focus, & the resistance to my podcast’s existence, in so many forms—the multitude of lawsuits (about 2 dozen), the fear & shame-based retaliatory defamation & libelous slander across the internet & sworn under oath in court testimonies alike, the spiritual reckonings (including an inoperable cancer on one of my abuser’s sides, which my loved ones & I continue to hold space & healing prayers for)—these all feel counterproductive to our Wo-manifesto, & to our mission. Thus, I, well, we (as my beautiful, brilliant, brave, invisible team members stand with me), have decided to call our energies back & head out in search of new roads leading to our benevolent visions.


After the 2019 Women’s March, at a little patio table at Cole’s in Downtown LA, my Godfather told me that a long time ago, before the Anglo-Norman definition took over as we know it… the etymology of ‘surrender’ actually meant, ‘a move to the winning side’.


I haven’t been playing with house money, folks—this is my real life, all of ours’. And the weight of it is too much for my shoulders alone anymore.


So how do we want this story to end? First & foremost, we want the story of Season One, Civil Disobedience to END. It's been almost 8 years now.


Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a very real, & very dangerous disease that is difficult to diagnose in our current social, governmental, & otherwise overseeing structures. A much larger percentage of the population is afflicted with it than the average person is aware of, much like addiction. It too, just like addiction, is often caused by a combination of inherited genetic code, & childhood traumas of situational abuse & neglect: it is a mental illness, a disease—not a choice.


Therefore, we must turn our focus to the causes of it, & as studies continue of how to raise our individual consciousness, & therefore our societies’, inspiring the cohesively agreed-on legislations needed to support those living in the very real hell of it—both those afflicted with the disease, & those innocent bystanders forced to live in the horrific effects of those sick people. The obsessions with Covid-19 are because the coronaviruses provide more immediate & condensed focus on a destructive disease & the pain it has wreaked on us all in various ways, but the lesson remains: we must desire to make it a priority to acquire the knowledge to eradicate NPD, Borderline PD, addiction, & so many more treatable diseases from humanity.


Be they stalkers, murderers, trolls, legal white collar abusers, rapists, bullies, mass shooters: they are all still our brothers & sisters, they are someone’s sons & daughters, & their trauma-induced compulsive behaviors/actions/choices are out of their control. So we, as individuals & collectively as the team of A Crazy Little Thing Called Law, are choosing to feel & grow compassion as we empathize with their traumatized feelings, while we learn more about the inner workings of socio & psychopathic diseases. What better way to understand the causes & effects than to be present on “this leading edge of creation” in reality, experiences, & studies.


We are choosing love, & light, & forgiveness, over punishment, & shame, & more negative experiences—that literally perpetuate the environments that foster these diseases in the first place. We require a kinder, more authentic, transparent, justice-filled, emotionally intelligent: a just plain better world to exist in together, & we will continue as we have, with the highest intentions for the greatest good of all—all plants, all animals, all environments, all of humanity. We promise to continue showing up & doing the work necessary with joy, along the ever-evolving pathways to our new world where support for healing through trauma is “the norm”.


On a personal note, I want to say to my abusers: I’m so sorry, for all the ways I have hurt you. Please, always feel free to reach out to me if you desire to receive a more tailored & specific apology for the histories between us. Please, please forgive me. Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me. I know that we are all children of god, & therefore I love you. Believe my statements or not, I mean them because I know there is only love, forever.


And on the closing macro note, we thank every one of our supporters, contributors, fans, & critics—what a wild ride we are so grateful & honored to have been on! Especially with your support.


I am Billie Proffitt, & the beautiful, brilliant, brave, invisible team members of A Crazy Little Thing Called Law stand with me in these statements.


Kia kaha, as the Maoris say, or in American: “Goodnight, & good luck.”

* I apologize for the poor sound quality, I did the best I could under my given circumstances.